What Crystals Can You Use For Grief?

What Crystals Can You Use For Grief?

Hi friends,

I wanted to start off by apologizing for skipping last weeks blog. I wanted to create a post all about Selenite and Satin Spar, and I just couldn’t get in the right head space to sit down and do it. We were coming up on 1 year since my mom has passed, a court hearing, and 8 months since we lost our son…. and I was emotional and on the big-time struggle bus! Most days were not very productive and I’m still working through lots of emotions, and we are coming up on another anniversary of a big loss in about a week… Step by step, and one foot in front of the other…. With a pocket full of rocks!


That being said, since this is the place I am in, I thought I would share information about the 2 crystals that I have found to be the most helpful to me during this time. As I have shared in a previous blog, I usually carry Tourmaline and Citrine every day, along with 3 others. This past week and ANY TIME I am on the struggle bus dealing with grief, I add in Apache Tears and Rose Quartz. To me, they feel like a tiny fairy is giving my heart the biggest, warmest, loving hug!




 This is the piece of Apache Tears that I carry. It was a gift, with an amazingly beautiful and emotional story, that maybe one I will share… I’m just not ready to share that with the world yet.


Apache Tears – 

I should start by saying that we currently do not have any in our shop but will be adding as soon we can.

The legend of the Apache Tears says that in the 1870’s, during the American Indian War, the US army found a path near Superior, Arizona where a group of Apache warriors were hiding. During the ambush, most Apaches were killed. A small group of about 75 Apache warriors chose to ride their horses off the cliff to their death instead of being captured. The families of the Apache warriors cried when they heard the tragic news of their loved one’s deaths. The legend goes on to say that the tears from the families turned to stone as they hit the ground, forming the Apache Tears. It is long believed that the stones bring good luck to those that carry them.

Scientifically speaking - Apache Tears can be found in Southwest US and parts of Mexico – originating from lava cooling too quickly to form crystals and being in close proximity or embedded in perlite creating small pebbles.

Apache tears are a variety of obsidian formed when lava cools in a very short time. The rapid cooling does not allow crystals to form, resulting in volcanic glass. Apache tears appear to be an opaque black color, but when held up to a light, they are translucent and often a shade of brown. Most of the time Apache Tears will be small, likely half an inch to maybe 2 inches with a hardness of 5-5.5 on the MOHS scale. Sometimes, you find a really cool piece, like mine pictured below, where the whole piece is one color, with a very distinct “clear tear”.

Apache Tears has been known to have a very powerful emotional healing effect, that provides comfort in times of grief. Apache Tears are also believed to be great for anchoring and protection and clearing other unwanted emotions to help you move forward. This stone is great for absorbing negative energy and protecting one’s aura.

Rose Quartz -

Rose Quartz is a variety of quartz that has a light pink to rosey pink coloration. The color is caused by inclusions of iron, manganese or titanium within the quartz with a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale. Rose Quartz is found in Brazil and Madagascar and even in South Dakota!!

FUN FACT: Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth and is believed to make up approximately 12% of the earth’s crust.

Rose Quartz is believed to be a true loving stone for yourself and everyone and everything in your life, it's soothing vibes can calm and cleanse your entire auric field and can aid in releasing past wounds. It is also said to be one of the stones of the Great Mother and it links one’s personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe. It’s loving vibrations are believed to penetrate to one’s cellular level allowing reprogramming from pain and despair to joy and longevity. Rose Quartz can stimulate all of the chakras focusing on bringing them all into harmony with the heart.

For a deeper spiritual awakening, you can even pair Rose Quartz with Moldavite.

Funny story: I have these larger pieces here, (Apache Tears, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite) when I was first dealing with this grief last year, I would hold them in my hands when I slept. Most of the time, I would wake up with them still in my hands… but there were a few nights, where I must have let go of them and my husband would be woken up by rolling over on them and yelling a few choice words at me. Not REALLY yelling, but he wasn’t happy! He would say “If you don’t keep your rocks on your side of the bed, you aren’t going to be allowed to have rocks in the bed at all” or something along those lines.  Oops!


--To anyone dealing with grief, my heart is with you! I encourage you to talk to someone – a counselor specializing in grief, a grief support group, a church group, a pastor, a close friend, even a stranger… you are not alone, and don’t have to face grief alone! And if you feel you can’t burden those close to you, or maybe don’t have someone, know that I am here… email me, find us on social media and send a message… I will always be willing to listen – I will ALWAYS encourage a professional as well, but I will gladly listen and help you find your way to resources. 😊


We are so excited to be on this healing journey with you.

Sending you lots of love and healing light,

Missi Bostedt

"One foot in front of the other, with a pocket full of rocks"

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