What is Black Tourmaline? and Why Do I Need It?

What is Black Tourmaline? and Why Do I Need It?


Tourmaline is a very popular semi-precious gemstone. Tourmaline is a group of silicate minerals that have a wide range of chemical compositions. Tourmaline is a stone that has one of the widest ranges of color in any gemstone family (pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, yellowish-brown, black) I have a very small piece of green tourmaline, a couple raw pieces of pink tourmaline, but my favorite in my personal collection is black tourmaline. I carry the pocket rocket, pictured here, every day. So today, we are talking about Black Tourmaline!!!



Green Tourmaline from my personal collection               Pink Tourmaline (sphere available in the shop)


How is it formed?

Tourmaline is formed in pegmatites. Pegmatite is a coarse crystalline rock with crystals that can range in size from several cm to several meters. Deep within the earth, underground voids are filled with hot liquid that is filled with many different minerals. When the liquid starts to cool, the minerals begin to crystallize, and just like that… Tourmaline is born!!

Tourmaline is a relatively hard crystal reading 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Even though the hardness is similar to that of Quartz, it is a bit more delicate due to the striations. If you look at a piece of tourmaline, you will notice that it looks like a bunch of strands (thick hair) of crystals that are all stuck together. These tend to crumble some, which makes it a bit delicate.

Tourmaline can be found all over, with some of the most notable locations being: Maine, California, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, and Afghanistan.

Crystals with Tourmaline inclusions are also very common, such as Quartz, Moonstone, Mica, ect.

Tourmalated Quartz Tower pictured below (available here)

How can Black Tourmaline help?

Black Tourmaline has many healing properties.

Physically – Black Tourmaline is believed to:

  • Purify the body of toxins, environmental pollutants, and heavy metals
  • Promote a positive mood
  • Promote healthy immune system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Metaphysically – Black Tourmaline is believed to:

  • Rid negative thoughts
  • Provide psychic protection
  • Ground your energy
  • Cleanse your auric field
  • Rid feelings of unworthiness

Black Tourmaline’s healing benefits can be enhanced by pairing with:

  • Smoky Quartz
  • Sugilite
  • Jet
  • Black Andradite Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Obsidian
  • Hematite (giving you EXTRA grounding!!)


Black Tourmaline is one of the crystals on my “MUST HAVE” list. I believe this is one that you should have around the house, near the doors, and be carried with you ALL THE TIME. It is one of my daily pocket rocks!!!


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We are so excited to be on this healing journey with you.

Sending you lots of love and healing light,

Missi Bostedt

"One foot in front of the other, with a pocket full of rocks"

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