Pt 1 - You have your first crystal, now what?

Pt 1 - You have your first crystal, now what?

So, you've just gotten in to the magical world of crystals, now what?

Well, It's not really magic. Let’s start with what crystals are and why the big buzz around them. I am going to pull a few excerpts from one of my favorite books, Karen Frazier – Crystals for Beginners. If you wanted to start with ANY book, I highly recommend this one. It goes through all of what is posted in this blog, plus so much more!

“Crystals are natural elements that come from the Earth. A true crystal has an organized grouping of unit cells that forms a unique lattice pattern called a crystal system There are six lattice patterns that appear within healing crystals (see below) There is also a category of stones known as “amorphous” crystals, even though they are not truly crystals, since they do not have an interior crystalline structure. Some of these include amber, obsidian, opal, and tektites. They each have their own unique properties.”

 “The six crystal lattice patterns include the following:

      • Hexagonal
      • Isometric
      • Monoclinic
      • Orthorhombic
      • Tetragonal
      • Triclinic”


Crystals have been used throughout history, for many different reasons. It is believed that crystals can raise your body’s own vibrations and through this process, your body can do the healing, within your body, your mind, and your body. This is believed to be beneficial for emotional/mental, physical ailments, and opening your third eye to enhance your spiritual connection.

“Everything has energy. In fact, quantum physics shows that at its most basic, all matter is made up of vibrating strings of electricity. So is your body, and so are crystals. Humans are far better gauges of energy that you might imagine. Even people with little understanding of energy or energy healing might notice they don’t “vibe” with another person. When you experience this, you are sensing energy and recognizing that someone else’s energetic vibration isn’t compatible with your energy.” “As with all other matter, crystals have their own vibration. The human body also has its own vibration and is subject to entrainment [see definition below] when it comes in contact with other vibration. So, when you work with crystals, they can change your own body, mind, and spirit energies through entrainment; the crystal’s vibration may change a little, as well. Because crystals generally have higher vibrations than the human body, they tend to raise your vibration. Vibrating at a higher rate is helpful for humans because it allows us to advance spiritually and move in more positive directions mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

                 [Entrainment is defined as the synchronization of different rhythmic cycles that interact with each other. Our vibration can be altered by other vibrations/frequencies. For example, when you are around someone that is down or negative, you can start to feel your own mood declining to meet theirs, or you are around someone who is very happy and positive, and your mood becomes better, this is entrainment]

Last thing I will add from this book, (because let’s be real, you didn’t come here to read a book)

“How a Person Can Feel a Crystal’s Energy

      • Be open to the experience.
      • Set aside any preconceived notions.
      • Set aside expectations of outcome.
      • Start with a crystal that attracts you strongly.”

Now that you have started with a crystal that calls to you, by ‘feeling’ or by beauty, what’s next?

Well, first thing, always be intentional with your crystals. So, what is your intention with a crystal?

      • Is it going to be a decoration for your home or office?
      • Is it going to be part of your healing?
      • Are you going to carry it daily? Or keep it next to your bed, or favorite spot in your home?

Once you know how you will use your crystal, then you’ll be able to figure out what to do after.

If your intention is to use the crystal, simply as decoration – find it the perfect space!

If your intention is to use your crystals as part of your healing, you will want to put in a bit more effort!

What does cleansing your crystals mean and how to do it.

Crystals tend to absorb energy that comes in contact with it, by being handled, by being in any environment, or even by being moved from one location to another. If you can take a moment and think of energy like germs, the package of butter that you buy at the store has been around a lot of germs, it’s been handled by too many people to count, and has been transferred to multiple places, I imagine that it carries lots of germs. In the world of crystals, to rid these “germs”, you must cleanse them. Cleansing your crystals removes any energies that do not serve you. This will include any energies that it has absorbed prior to it reaching you. Think of how many ‘germs’ it must have.

(In our shop, we take the time to cleanse the crystals as soon as they come in, asking that they be removed of all negative energies and restore them to their original vibration that will offer only the highest light and love. When they are getting packed up, we also take the time to infuse these crystals with Reiki and ask that the Reiki energy be available to it’s new friend for additional healing. 😊)

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cleanse your crystals when they arrive. How many energies have the crystals absorbed from our shop to you? It’s probably a lot, and since it goes through a postal service, I cannot imagine that the energy is all positive! Below are SOME ways to cleanse them. Just remember – BE INTENTIONAL. Also note, that these are NOT all the ways you can cleanse, not all are suitable for all crystals, and not all are suitable for you. Do what is safe and appropriate for you and the time and space you are in. If you are asthmatic, you might want to stay away from cleansing techniques that use smoke. If you are in a quite place, a sound bath might not be appropriate. Do what works for you! It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals at least once a month and more if you are around more energies or carry them daily.

      • Sound Bath – this is by far my favorite method of cleansing. If you have a singing bowl, you can use that. You can play singing bowls from your phone or tv, too! You will want to have the crystals within the sound field.
      • Palo Santo – this is my second favorite method
      • White Sage
      • Moonlight/Sunlight – for my personal collection, this one is hard – I have a few too many to take outside every month.
      • Incense
      • Burying in the Earth – just remember where you buried them, and make sure it’s safe for the crystal too.
      • Running Water
      • Salt from the Sea – This one is my least favorite, and don’t actually recommend this. Some crystals can be damaged by salt or even water, the salt also tends to leave behind granules or saltwater can leave them feeling grimy. If you choose to go this route, please take precautions, and do some more research to ensure that you are not damaging your crystals.
      • Meditation
      • and even using other stones like Selenite or Clear Quartz

Join us next week for part 2. We will go over charging and programming your crystals.

We are so excited to be on this healing journey with you!

Sending you lots of love and healing light,
Missi Bostedt

"One foot in front of the other, with a pocket full of rocks"


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