Pt 2 - You have your first crystal, now what?

Pt 2 - You have your first crystal, now what?

So, you've just gotten in to the magical world of crystals, now what?

In our last blog (Part 1) we talked about what crystals are and how to cleanse them. Today, we are continuing on that topic with charging and programming your crystals for daily use in your healing journey.

Let's get into it!


Charging your crystals

Charging your crystals allows them reset to their natural vibration, doing this regularly will allow them to serve you in the most effective way. To charge them, you will pretty much do the same as you did with cleansing. Some use the terms CLEANSING AND CHARGING interchangeably, as well as CHARGING AND PROGRAMMING. You can cleanse, charge, and program with 3 different steps, or you can cleanse and program, or charge and program, or cleanse and charge. There is not a one size fits all and no best and right way, other than what is best and right for you and you make sure your clear the energies and set intentions. 😊 Here are some common ways to charge your crystals, remembering to be intentional.

    • Selenite Charging Plate
    • Sound Bath – this one is again my favorite, I set an intention, and walk around my house with my Tibetan Singing Bowl
    • Holding the crystals
    • Amethyst Clusters
    • Quartz Points – this is another one I love.
    • Sunlight


Program your crystals

Programming your crystals allows you to become more connected and enhance their natural energy. Below are just a couple of examples of how to program.

    • Hold your crystal and state your intention (could be out loud or in your thoughts.)
    • Visualize the words of your intention
    • Meditate with your crystal

To give an example of holding your crystal and stating your intentions – I carry a number of crystals and stones with me every day, Tourmaline is a crystal that I carry EVERY DAY (along with citrine and 3 others) As I am collecting my crystals for the day, I would take a moment to clear my mind and state my intention – “Today, I ask the universe to provide me with energy to help keep me grounded and protect me throughout my day” I then move on to the next crystal, Citrine – “Today, I ask the universe to keep my energy and aura field cleansed through out the day”. I then repeat this process until I have all 5 of the crystals I have intuitively chosen for the day. My number is 5 and sometimes I feel that I need more. But if you choose just 1, then 1 is all you need.

While holding my 5 crystals in my hand I add, “I ask that these crystals provide only what is needed and offer only the highest vibration and love and light”

I then place my crystals in my pocket, “pocket full of rocks”, and allow it to also serve as a reminder to myself for the intentions that I have set for that day.

[If you are brand new to crystals and don’t know what the crystals are for or if you just have too many and you cannot remember what they are for, it is 100% ok to just ask for the crystals to serve you to their best ability and to only offer you what you need]

At the end of the day, I return my pocket rocks to their dishes. I have a bit of OCPD, and my crystals are color coordinated in separate dishes. (I just got a new batch of resin in and hope to make color coordinating dishes for them!) As I pull them out of my pocket, I thank them, a simple “Thank you for serving me today”. Some days, I rely on them a bit more, or they offer more than I asked, and I extend my appreciation. (Also note, that this can be in your mind or out loud – sometimes I feel silly saying out loud “thank you rocks” so I keep it in my head” Other days, it doesn’t bother me, the dog might look at me funny, but… he’s not judgemental!)


What other ways can you use your crystals?

Crystals can be used in daily practice as I explained above, but the same cane be done with pieces you don’t carry, say a larger piece that would never fit in your pocket, or maybe you aren’t ready to carry them with you and you want to keep them on your nightstand. It is believed that the power of crystals can still serve you if it is in your aura field. Well, you may be asking, ‘how big is my aura field’… and I don’t have the perfect answer. Upon my research, I have found anywhere from 4 to 5 inches up to 60-70 feet from your physical body. My personal belief on how far a crystal should be from your physical body for you to receive the benefits of a crystal depend on the individual AND the crystal being selected. Some crystals, I can only feel the energy of the crystal by holding it in my hand, others I can feel by simply being in the same room (like the living room) so, how close do YOU need it? I believe only you can know the answer to that, and if you are new to crystals – it’s just going to take time, practice, and trial and error to figure that out.

You can also create a grid with crystals. A grid is a group of crystals set up with a single intention in a specific geometric shape. Crystals each carry their own properties, the same is true about the shape of your grid. These can be as simple as a single circle or as complicated as you can imagine. Examples: “Circles are a representation of oneness and unity” and “Triangles represent the connection between mind, body, and spirit.” (Frazier’s book that I mentioned at the beginning)

Crystals can also be used in meditation, they can be used to support your journey in meditation, to amplify the benefits of meditation, to surround you and even keep you protected while in meditation.

Healers often use crystals on or near the clients to enhance the healing potential. This is one of my favorite things, both having them used on me and using them while offering healing practices.

There are so many other ways that you can use crystals in your life! Do what feels right to you and always be intentional. Not only will the crystal’s natural vibration help raise your own and provide you healing and positivity but being intentional will help dispel any negative thinking that you may have and make room for manifestation to come to fruition.

We are so excited to be on this healing journey with you.

Sending you lots of love and healing light,

Missi Bostedt

"One foot in front of the other, with a pocket full of rocks"

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