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Moon Beach Crystals And Gifts

Palo Santo Stick

Palo Santo Stick

This listing is for the item shown in pictures. We have carefully taken pictures of each piece so that you can choose your own.

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All items have been cleaned, cleansed, and reiki infused by Moon Beach Crystals And Gifts, to provide you with highest vibration and lots of love and healing energy.

Physical Description of Crystal:

Palo Santo has a sweet and woody scent, described by some as as woody/earthy with a hint of mint and citrus.


The smoke from burning Palo Santo is believed to clear negative energies. Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years for clearing energies, reducing pain, decreasing stress.

How to use:

Light the end of the Palo Santo stick with a flame (such as a lighter or a candle), holding the stick at about a 45-degree angled downward. Allow the flame to hold for approximately 30 seconds. Blow out the flame. The stick will smoke for a while after. You can use this in a few different ways. As incense - you will want to place in a heatproof dish. To cleanse your crystals - you will want to pass your crystals through the smoke while stating your intention to cleanse. Cleanse yourself - you can slowly wave it around your body, up, down, and around, or place in a heatproof dish on the floor and stand over it allowing the smoke to flow up. 


If you have lung or breathing problems - it is recommended to avoid as the smoke can cause irritation.

*Moon Beach Crystals And Gifts is not responsible for any damage to you, your space, your crystals, medically and physically. Burn responsibly.


** All information provided here is for informational purposes only. With such a vast amount available, we provide information that feels right to us. By no means, is this information complete. Please feel free to research your crystals and their care through other resources. **


All information provided on this site, is for informational purposes only and should not replace any information provided by your medical provider. Although the use of crystals have been dated throughout time to heal medical and emotional issues, the information provided here is NOT to be taken as medical advice. You should ALWAYS FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF YOUR MEDICAL PRACTIONER.


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By using recycled materials we cut down on environmental waste and are able to keep our prices lower.


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Care Instructions

Crystals have many different ways of being cared for. Some cannot be exposed to water, or sunlight. Some come with lead warnings. Because of this, there is too much information to provide in this section. Please do your own research for how to care for your crystals and do what feels right for you.

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